Marc Bartolomeo Frontal Nude

Marc Bartolomeo modeled for about six years before he “retired” and started to do electrician work full time again. About four years later he was pulled back into the show biz world by NorthSouth Productions to do TLC’s  ”In a fix”(2004).  According to IMDB he currently hosts Kitchen Impossible (2010)

During his modelling days Marc ( Sparky) was not shy to bear…especially his balls. He’s one my my favorite nudes! He’s even got his official site at

6a00e54f0a235a8834010534d040da970b-800wi 20091015_MarcBartolomeomodel 1368411998_759b6ca032_o 30024186001207123970863 aa aaa b bb c without penis Wouldn’t be fun to see a penis hanging from under there! Well you can! After the jump! The above picture was cropped ;)

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Jean Carlos Frontal Nude in Dsquared2 AD + Clip

Jean Carlos models regularly for Dsquared. For launch of Dsqured2 Jean Carlos gets his shorts ripped off by the two Canaidan twin designeds – Dean  & Dan.

Before we go to the hot nude video, here are some hot pictures of Jean Carlos :)

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