Glee’s Jonathan Groff Nude Scene & Video

I might be a bit late in posting Jonathan Groff’s nude bits…but I don’t fancy the guy much. I can understand why you might like him if you watch Glee where he plays Jesse St. James. But I do fancy his boyfriend – Zachary Quinto who appears in “The American Horror Story” (also see Dylan Mcdermott nude)  – . Jonathan Groff apparently did a full-frontal nude scene in the 2010 movie called Twelve Thirty.

And hey it seems he’s least bit concerned about his nude pics online.

“I did that movie a couple years ago. I really loved doing that movie, and Jeff Lipsky, our director, had done this thing, Flannel Pajamas, which had some nudity in it as well, and the thing about the nudity in that movie that he was trying to capture in our movie was the reality of it, and not trying to hide it or cut away when people would normally be naked, so, I don’t know, it’s just a movie I did!

I don’t think about how it’ll end up on the Internet. I just do my work and whatever happens, happens. I love that you’re so concerned about me. People, you know, people do what they do on the Internet. But I appreciate your concern.”

So I thought I’d add a High Definition video as well 😉


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