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Ian Somerhalder nude in Tell Me You Love Me

Eric Balfour Nude in Lie With Me + Video

Military Boys Shower + Video

Yon Gonzalez, Mario Casas & Maxi Iglesias in Mentiras Y Gordas + Video

Max Riemelt Nude + Video

Benja Bruijning stripped nude in De Bende van Oss (2011)

SNM MOTM Oct: Pio Marmai + New Clip

Pierre Perrier & Johan Libereau Shower Nude + Video

James Purefoy Nude in Rome

Big Brother Dean + Video

Ex Mr. Brazil / Big Brother 12 / Jonas Sulzback Nude + Video

Sean Lamont nude in Dieux du Stade

Holy Fcuk! Pierre Perrier nude in American Translation

Maro Dapper Frontal in Eating Out 2 + Clip

Chris Zylka nude in Kaboom

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