Hugo Catalan

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My favorite gay Mexican actor Hugo Catalan has a gorgeous body. If anyone has the video of the play do send it to us! 

hugo_catalan13 hugo_catalan14 hugo_catalan15 hugo_catalan16 hugo_catalan17 hugo_catalan18 hugo_catalan19 hugo_catalan01 hugo_catalan02 hugo_catalan2 hugo_catalan03 hugo_catalan04 hugo_catalan05 hugo_catalan06 hugo_catalan07 hugo_catalan08 hugo_catalan09 hugo_catalan10 hugo_catalan11 hugo_catalan12

Few exclusive gifs from the play only on SNM 😉


Wanna swim?

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All time favorites

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Some of my all time favorite snaps. If anyone knows where these are from – especially the first one, leave a comment 😉

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