Santiago Peralta Frontal and Rear Nude

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Name: Santiago Peralta
Age: 23 years old
Height: 6 ft
Height: 160 lbs
Nationality: Argentinian
Agency: Empire Models
Had been photographed by: Kristopher Kelly, Greg Vaughan, Bruno Rand, Ricardo Muniz & Steven Klein

Several pictures from this hot cookie below.

Santiago Peralta20 Santiago Peralta21 Santiago Peralta22 Santiago Peralta23 Santiago Peralta24 Santiago Peralta25 Santiago Peralta26 Santiago Peralta27 Santiago Peralta28 Santiago Peralta01 Santiago Peralta02 Santiago Peralta03 Santiago Peralta04 Santiago Peralta05 Santiago Peralta06 Santiago Peralta07  Santiago Peralta09 Santiago Peralta10 Santiago Peralta11 Santiago Peralta12 Santiago Peralta13 Santiago Peralta14 Santiago Peralta15 Santiago Peralta16 Santiago Peralta17 Santiago Peralta18 Santiago Peralta19 Santiago Peralta44 Santiago Peralta48 Santiago Peralta49 Santiago Peralta50 Santiago Peralta51 Santiago Peralta29 Santiago Peralta30 Santiago Peralta31 Santiago Peralta32  Santiago Peralta36 Santiago Peralta37 Santiago Peralta39 Santiago Peralta40

Santiago Peralta34 Santiago Peralta46 Santiago Peralta38 Santiago Peralta41 Santiago Peralta47 Santiago Peralta33 Santiago Peralta42 Santiago Peralta45 Santiago Peralta43

Santiago Peralta35

Santiago Peralta goes full frontal nude for Steven Klein’s editorial in Arena Homme Plus. And here it is !

Santiago Peralta08

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