Jason Taulb Rear

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Jason Taulb, 19, from California with 5’10 height fitness model who started out with the All American Guys website


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Leonard Corredor Nude

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Leonardo Corredor, born February 27, 1989 in Mérida, is a Venezuelan model and actor. Here are some latest images of him from David Vance’s new book “Erotic Dreams”

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Some more pictures of him

LEONARDO-CORREDOR-MODEL6 LEONARDO-CORREDOR-MODEL12 LEONARDO-CORREDOR-MODEL11 LEONARDO-CORREDOR-MODEL1 LEONARDO-CORREDOR-MODEL8 LEONARDO-CORREDOR-MODEL7 LEONARDO-CORREDOR-MODEL4 LEONARDO-CORREDOR-MODEL5 LEONARDO-CORREDOR-MODEL3 LEONARDO-CORREDOR-MODEL2 leonardocorredor24 leonardocorredor2 1 Leonardo Corredor 18 Leonardo Corredor 21 Leonardo Corredor 23 Leonardo Corredor 26 Leonardo Corredor 28 Leonardo Corredor 30 Leonardo Corredor 31 Leonardo Corredor 32 Leonardo Corredor 27 Leonardo Corredor 33 Leonardo-Corredor lc01 Leonardo-Corredor-Shirtless-Photos-by-Antonio-Bezerra-4 Leonardo Corredor 12 Leonardo Corredor 8 Leonardo Corredor 15 ha_leo_corredor_08 mo_leo_corredor_pelo ha_leonardocorredor fa_leo_corredor OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA         3 4af2efe53979f 4c7894e3eb4ff 6a00e55281006188330134853bc710970c-500wi 6leonardo corredor-life-gay.blogspot- 35 leonardo corredor-life-gay.blogspot- 11 leonardo corredor-life-gay.blogspot- 26 leonardo corredor-life-gay.blogspot- 27 leonardo corredor-life-gay.blogspot- 33 leonardo corredor-life-gay.blogspot- 37 leonardo corredor-life-gay.blogspot- 38 leonardo corredor-life-gay.blogspot- 43 untitled8 leonardo-corredor-by-rick-day-1 6a00d83451d8ee69e2012875e2cca1970c-800wi

Hercules 9: Deep in the City

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Photographer Mariano Vivanco and fashion director Nicola Formichetti reunite to shoot a racy editorial “Deep In The City” for the 9th issue of Hercules Magazine.

With  models like Amanda Lepore, Lady Fag, Bo Ackerson, Jordan Coulter, Behati Prinsloo, Doug Porter, Tomas Skoloudik, Sessilee Lopez, Bobby Warden, Sean Sullivan and more.

MV28_010_220 f12 Picture 35 Picture 36 Picture 38 Picture 39 (1) Picture 45 Picture 46 Picture 50

Caps from the sexy video with Doug Porter dick popping out & Sean Sullivan nude

6a00d83451d8ee69e2013488073627970c-800wi 6a00d83451d8ee69e2013488074802970c-800wi 6a00d83451d8ee69e2013488074879970c-800wi tumblr_l9u0erRo2V1qazljno1_500 6a00d83451d8ee69e20133f4e78a07970b-800wi 6a00d83451d8ee69e20133f4e78b19970b-800wi 6a00d83451d8ee69e20133f4e78bbd970b-800wi 6a00d83451d8ee69e20133f4e789c4970b-800wi 6a00d83451d8ee69e201348807475c970c-800wi 6a00d83451d8ee69e201348807482f970c-800wi  (more caps)

The sexy video

Hercules 9, Mariano Vivanco from Luca Finotti on Vimeo.