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Double Twisting World Gymnastic Aerobics Champion, dancer, aerialist and International Mens Health Magazine cover boy. Just a taste from a list of attributes that earn Nick Beyeler such notoriety in his homeland of Switzerland. Combining his strong martial arts skills with incredible flexibility and acrobatic dance, Nick Beyeler won the Gold Medal at the World Gymnastic Aerobics Championships 2002 in Montpellier, France. Nick Beyeler has been booked as a show act, to represent products and to model for companies such as Sony Computer Entertainment Europe, Nike, Puma, UBS, ESPN, Swisscom, Nestlé and Coke. His powerful, provocative and signature performance was showcased at the Olympic Games Ceremony in Beijing 2008. As part of the sensational acrobats of Les FarFadais from France, he provided the aerial action for the Holiday on Ice Tour “Spirit”.
Nick is a passionate scuba diver, has a strong interest in the World of electronic gadgets and loves to cook hotter than hell spicy thai curry dishes.

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Video: Sanbach rugby team

Watch this Brit Rugby team from Sandbach consume 22 pints of beer EACH and get naked, sucking each other’s tits, feeling each other, french kissing and even wanking each other (albeit pixelated!!). They are then shown the clip for their reactions and the captain says “obviously we are not gay”


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