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SNM Hottie of the Month: Benjamin Godfre

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Born in 1988 in Mennesota with Irish, Italian and English descent Benjamin is one hot property! Benjamin works with several big retails including Australia’s AussieBum. He attends school in Orange County, California and he hangs out in the beach surfing and parasailing during his free hours.

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Benjamin_Godfre32 Benjamin_Godfre33 Benjamin_Godfre34   Benjamin_Godfre02 Benjamin_Godfre03 Benjamin_Godfre04 Benjamin_Godfre05 Benjamin_Godfre06 Benjamin_Godfre07 Benjamin_Godfre08 Benjamin_Godfre09 Benjamin_Godfre10 Benjamin_Godfre14 Benjamin_Godfre15 Benjamin_Godfre16 Benjamin_Godfre17 Benjamin_Godfre18 Benjamin_Godfre19 Benjamin_Godfre20 Benjamin_Godfre21 Benjamin_Godfre22 Benjamin_Godfre23 Benjamin_Godfre24 Benjamin_Godfre26 Benjamin_Godfre28 Benjamin_Godfre29 Benjamin_Godfre30 Benjamin_Godfre31 Benjamin_Godfre35 Benjamin_Godfre36 Benjamin_Godfre27 Benjamin_Godfre25 Benjamin_Godfre13

Benjamin_Godfre12 Benjamin_Godfre01Benjamin_Godfre37 Benjamin_Godfre38Benjamin_Godfre39Benjamin_Godfre11


D Geyrald Nude

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Gerald Jean-Laurent / Geyrald or D’Gey is a singer, composer and producer. He is French and born July 9 1979.As a member of the boyband composed of five young people, called G-Squad they were successful from 1996 to 1998. In 2004 he came out of the close and pursued a solo career 😉


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His Nude Pictures from his book!..Yum!

6a00d83451d8ee69e20147e04fcfd0970b-800wi Dgeyrald-secret-08 Dgeyrald-secret-03 Dgeyrald-secret-07 6a00d83451d8ee69e20147e04fd02d970b-800wi 6a00d83451d8ee69e2013489ac1618970c-800wi 5 Dgeyrald-secret-05 56681_40498310a97b3a13a5ff953bdfd1c156_29_123_537lo 56680_ead48d7376adda629f04efc70c632500_29_123_471lo 56679_725ed62cd7f0a5550c3bc1aebfd13b4c_29_123_910lo 9 Dgeyrald-secret-10

His Music Videos / Shoots – Link 1 , Link 2, Link 3

From his video where he thanks the members of after the success of his photos on the site!

Dgeyrald01 Dgeyrald02 Dgeyrald07 Dgeyrald04 Dgeyrald08 Dgeyrald03 Dgeyrald06

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