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Pierre Fitch fucks Mason Star

There is something so raw about Pierre Fitch and Mason Star having sex that is beautifully captured in this video! Get the full video at CockyBoys!

Man, does my boy Pierre know how to fuck or what!! He’s a living proof that it’s always the nice ones you should be careful with. He has this baby-face and innocent personality which made Mason feel welcomed on set but once Pierre’s cock found it’s way into Mason’s hole there was absolutely no mercy. Pierre drilled deep and hard into Mason’s butthole like a gold-digger in a mine! And boy, did he get rewarded for it in the end!! Mason was sperming around uncontrollably while Pierre was still going at it full speed. Now that’s how the pros do it!

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Alexis Driollet Nude in Dieux Du Stade 2005/2010

OMG! This clip is insanely hot! Where else but on Dieux Du Stade can you see a fully grown footballer like Alexis Driollet literally be man-handled by a photographer / assistant. The lucky man first pulls down Alexis’s jock-strap and then craftily “positions” him against the wall for the perfect Kodak moment! Though Alexis Driollet pretends to be shy in the 2010 version of the calendar he was prancing around naked with his delectable uncut cock in Dieux Du Stade 2005 calendar. Download both clips plus a bonus video below!


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Tommy Defendi Fucks Turk Mason

I’ve got a soft spot for Turk Mason and his boyish charm. And he’s simple phenomenal in this CockyBoys video!

Another fucking hot scene from our feature film – The Name of the Game! Tommy and Turk are looking their best and they’re not wasting any time! Tommy throws Turk on the bed and within seconds he’s already found a new home for his big juicy thick cock. The fucking just goes on and on and at one point Tommy tells Turk – “I’m gonna put my cock in you again now and I’m gonna fuck you even harder, ok?”. As if poor Turk’s hole has any other choice but to take what’s coming. The chemistry between these two was so strong that we had to have the paramedics on speed dial in case the fireworks burned the place down! Happy new fucking year, everybody!

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