Sep 162011

Jesse from Dirty Sexy Things

Dirty Sexy Things is a British concept documentary series currently airing on E4 about eight models preparing for eight shoots which will culminate in an exhibition for fashion photographer Perou.


Download the video:

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Aug 262011

Hailing from Denver, Coloradao, American twink Christopher Fawcett, 23, moved to New York City a couple of years ago to start a career in modeling. Since then, this former Navy serviceman’s been featured on the pages of Man, Genre, Glitterati and Metro Pop to name a few. With two covers, some editorials and a campaign under his belt, Chris Fawcett hopes to continues to gain exposure in fashion doing what he loves. He also walked in Andrew Buckler’s and DKNY’s fashion shows and appeared in the 20th anniversary presentation for Calvin Klein’s “Steele” line of underwear.

And he’s gay :)