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Leonard Lebart Exposed

Very very cute guy from Brazil – I’m not sure what Leonard Lebart actually does. But this 25 year old hottie from Sao Paolo sure knows how to expose himself on a webcam. Sadly the girl (in all probability) who captured the snapshots didn’t snag a video. Tsk Tsk. Although I think Lebart is quite net savvy…so fingers crossed!



Man of the Month : Jakub Stefano

Jakub Stefano (AKA Jakub Bandoch) 
Born 23rd March 1985 | In Brno, Moravia, Czech Republic | Height: 1.83m (6’0″)

Even a mega-post wouldn’t suffice this hot model – Jakub Stefano. But we try to cover the best shots of Jakub including images of him in several stages of undress for McKillop underwear.

 Under the alias of Dominique Bouquet, Jakub first surfaced as a fresh faced young model for Bel Ami. While there, he made the obligatory “solo” video and appeared in several suggestive photo shoots. Although he didn’t follow the usual path into Bel Ami’s more pornographic content. In his pursuit to become a sports journalist, Jakub concentrated on his academic side. Through bodybuilding contests and beauty pageants, he ventured more into the mainstream world of modelling. Jakub has since been photographed by, among others, Dylan Rosser and Bradford Rogne.

His modelmayhem profile states that he won’t do “frontal” shots. We wonder if we are talking about the same guy!


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