Zac Efron leaked nude pix in Australia

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\It gets harder to spot fakes these days. There has been nude ( full frontal) images of Zac Efron‘s penis spreading like wild-fire on the internet. Unfortunately only the image with Zac Efron‘s cute bum happens to be real. The one with his dick is a fake (Did you really think he would be that big? Lol). Both the fake and real images can be found below. It’s  a damn good fake though!!

Zac Efron has built his very own “towel barricade” against prying photographers after a shot of his naked bum made it to the internet the other day.

The Hollywood heartthrob is staying in a swanky hotel on Sydney’s harbour while he’s Down Under to promote his new movie The Lucky One, and the views must be so stunning from his suite that he didn’t even think to draw the blinds before getting naked at the weekend … and inadvertently giving the paparazzi a clear view of his bare butt.

The peepshow continued the following day when he was caught out on the balcony having a rummage with his hand down his pants.


      1. Mik

        the dick shot is fake the butt shot is real or I think is real some say its not but i almost certain its real! if its not then it must be zac efron clone that took his clothes off LOL

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