Holy Fcuk! Pierre Perrier nude in American Translation

27 year old French hottie Pierre Perrier is no stranger to nudity having done a nude shower scene in Cold Showers
(video here). But in American Translation he goes one step further and does the MOST titillating strip-tease ever. And there in nothing American about this strip-tease in the sense that he shows us his beautiful dick! God bless the director of this movie who explores Pierre’s insanely hot body in this movie from opening the door to the pizza guy fully nude, getting a random blowjob from a man, making out with a woman, a threesome and what not! HOT!! SNM brings you high-quality 4 hot clips  from the movie (they all add up to 500 mb but that shouldn’t be a problem with your Filepost membership!)

A snap from Cold Showers

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