Frosty Eyed Monster – Jake Bass

Don’t let his innocent eyes and sweet smile fool you…Jake Bass is one sexy, inked-up motherfucker who is the perfect CockyBoy: part angel, part Tasmanian Devil! He’s proof that being a CockyBoy isn’t just a six-pack and a few tattoos — being a CockyBoy is all attitude. Jake loves joking around, showing off on camera, and, most of all, he isn’t afraid to speak his mind. Jake’s the kind of guy whose phone blows up as soon as he logs on to Grindr. Everyone wants a piece of Jake’s skater ass, and he knows it! With a true passion for life, sex (he’s versatile!), and boys, a smooth, tattooed body and a truly unique personality, Jake Bass is a CockyBoy who won’t be forgotten! Watch Jake Bass right here!

CAM ALERT: Jake Bass’s next LIVE cam show is on 20th, Friday 2012 at 7 pm EST!

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