Pierre Perrier & Johan Libereau Shower Nude + Video

I have no idea how many times I’ve replayed this clip when I found this amazing movie. You gotta give it to the French – this movie could exist perfectly well without this shower scene, but it’s mere presence takes it a whole different level! The sexy men in question are Pierre Perrier & Johan Libereau taking a shower and rubbing their private parts in the movie – Douches Froides ( Cold Showers – Duh!).

If I had to pick I’d be confused what to do! Who would you pick? Pierre or Johan?! Also find below caps from Pierre Perrier’s 2011 movie American Translation.

Download the video:

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  1. 14 February, 2012

    […] hottie Pierre Perrier is no stranger to nudity having done a nude shower scene in Cold Showers (video here). But in American Translation he goes one step further and does the MOST titillating strip-tease […]

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