Monthly Archive: September 2011


Bucur Dragos Naked

Romanian actor Bucur Dragos in Boogie (2008) The poster made me wonder if the film had any nude scenes. And suddenly I stumble upon the clip from this film.        Download the video: more video like this. Click Here


Alex Dimitriades nude in Head On

One of my all time favourite nude scenes has to be Alex Dimitriades masturbating and getting a blow job by a Chinese restaurant helper in Head On Man, got to love those nipples!  Head On is a quite a decent movie too!                Download the video: more video like this. Click Here


Spencer’s Day Out!

Description:In this week’s Out In Public update I’m out with the homie Spencer and he has a thirst for some dick. I had to get him hooked up today by any means necessary. I mean he did fly all the way here for it! We find this kid sitting at the bus stop waiting for the bus and he looks a little suspicious so I took a crack at him. Right away I knew he was gonna be good for my boy, so we get to the negotiating. This guy jumps at the opportunity to hang out with us so...

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