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One of my all time favourite nude scenes has to be Alex Dimitriades masturbating and getting a blow job by a Chinese restaurant helper in Head On

Man, got to love those nipples!  Head On is a quite a decent movie too!


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In this week’s Out In Public update I’m out with the homie Spencer and he has a thirst for some dick. I had to get him hooked up today by any means necessary. I mean he did fly all the way here for it! We find this kid sitting at the bus stop waiting for the bus and he looks a little suspicious so I took a crack at him. Right away I knew he was gonna be good for my boy, so we get to the negotiating. This guy jumps at the opportunity to hang out with us so we head out by this little alley and he starts going to work on my friend. My boy is loving life at this point — then the real fun begins, if you know what I mean! Hope you guys enjoy this update. Stay tuned!