SNM Man of the Month: Christopher Fawcett Nude

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Hailing from Denver, Coloradao, American twink Christopher Fawcett, 23, moved to New York City a couple of years ago to start a career in modeling. Since then, this former Navy serviceman’s been featured on the pages of Man, Genre, Glitterati and Metro Pop to name a few. With two covers, some editorials and a campaign under his belt, Chris Fawcett hopes to continues to gain exposure in fashion doing what he loves. He also walked in Andrew Buckler’s and DKNY’s fashion shows and appeared in the 20th anniversary presentation for Calvin Klein’s “Steele” line of underwear.

And he’s gay 🙂




‘Henley and I’
Chris with Mikus Photographed by Gigi Stoll (With my most favourite picture of him in the tub)



Fawcett by Rick Day


  1. Shawn

    I am so in love with Christopher Fawcett. He the one best model I have seen in a long time. I so wish he was my lover and husband. I would treat him like a king of our house,and I would treat him with up most respect,and love. He is a beautiful person and a gorgeous model. I wish him all success on everything he does in his life and future! With all of my love, blessings,and peace to your future! Thank you for giving me the opportunity to see your beautiful smile your amazingly beautiful body,and your deliciously awesome dick! Thank You with all my love. Shawn

    1. Anonymous

      Great to see a Chris Fawcett posting. Had only recently discovered his pics elsewhere online, and had previously noticed him in catalogs (Undergear?). I’m a big fan, one of many I’m sure.

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