Nick Youngquest Partial Frontal / Rear

Nick Youngquest, an Australian rugby player, has caused a bit of stir by appearing semi-nude on the cover of Attitude magazine, a gay UK-based magazine.

The rugby player hasn’t been shy about posing nude in the past. In 2006, Nick Youngquest posed for the Naked Rugby League Calendar 2007-2008, which was created as fundraiser for the National Breast Cancer Foundation.

For Checkum Testicular Cancer Awareness

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For Tetu

nick_youngquest_05 nick_youngquest_10 nick_youngquest_17 nick_youngquest_25

NickYoungquest58 NickYoungquest53 NickYoungquest59 NickYoungquest56 NickYoungquest57

For Attitude

Nick Youngquest NickYoungquest46 NickYoungquest47 IMG_0004 na


NickYoungquest22 NickYoungquest44 NickYoungquest45 nickyounquest-shirtless-rugby-photos-03082009-23 nickyounquest-shirtless-rugby-photos-03082009-24 nick8340 nick-8485bw  NickYoungquest01 NickYoungquest03 NickYoungquest05  NickYoungquest15 NickYoungquest16 NickYoungquest18 NickYoungquest19 NickYoungquest21

The oh-so-fantastic semi-frontal pose for Naked Rugby League Calendar

NickYoungquest07Nick Youngquest for DNA

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