Alejandro Nones Frontal in Asi del Precipicio


This 25-year Venezuelan actor debuted in the film so the cliff and the latest novel in which women participated was Word. He is unmarried and without obligation.

Ideal Woman: Loving, fun, honest, sensitive, human quality and I conquered every day.

How do you win? With glances.

And how do you conquer? I’m very basic, so small details are the most worth for me.

What’s cooler than a woman has given you? Go to see me in Madrid and then go together to Paris.

How do you care? I practice boxing.

Favorite brands: Hugo Boss, Louis Vuitton, Nike, True Religion and Abercrombie.

Perfume: Jean Paul Gaultier.

What hangouts? Love, Momma and Countess Park.

Hobby: Watching movies.

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