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Starring Max Ryder as the titular character, ANSWERED PRAYERS: THE ASCENSION OF THE LAMB is the first half of a two-part story centered on a mysterious yet powerful orphan boy who is haunted by fear. Like the central characters of the previous three installments of ANSWERED PRAYERS, the Lamb is faced with a moral dilemma in which he’s forced to make a life-altering decision and deal with the consequences. He’s thrust into an unforgiving environment filled with rules, a strict guardian, and bullies leading to several failed escape attempts. He is punished by his greatest fear of all — complete isolation in a dark, silent attic space. Will his fear end up destroying him or will he conquer it?

Featuring knockout performances from Max Ryder, Max Carter, Jasper Robinson, Frankie Valentine, and Duncan Black, with cameos from Jake Bass and the legendary Dean Monroe, THE ASCENSION OF THE LAMB climaxes with an unbelievably hot group sex scene that leads the Lamb to his true fate.Answered-Prayers-The-Lamb-Pt1_0118 Answered-Prayers-The-Lamb-Pt1_0098 Answered-Prayers-The-Lamb-Pt1_0095 Answered-Prayers-The-Lamb-Pt1_0086 Answered-Prayers-The-Lamb-Pt1_0084 Answered-Prayers-The-Lamb-Pt1_0068 Answered-Prayers-The-Lamb-Pt1_0049 Answered-Prayers-The-Lamb-Pt1_0031 Answered-Prayers-The-Lamb-Pt1_0027 Answered-Prayers-The-Lamb-Pt1_0171

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